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Smiling: Contagious Energy

This past week my dad visited Seattle. Seattle’s great and it’s fun hanging out with my dad, so it was easy to go different places and smile. As we wandered the city, museums, and my home, I realized two essential … Continue reading

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An Unusual Mission in Vermont Media

When I graduated from college, I was afraid. Afraid I was going to have to choose a single medium for my storytelling “career.” Instead of choosing, I combined my skills with those of a fellow storyteller, my dad. We looked … Continue reading

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Public Health Must Learn Social Media

As I prepare to teach 60 college seniors about communications strategy next week, I find myself thinking about how my classes have changed in these past three months. Three months ago, a natural disaster weighed down on my family and … Continue reading

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Seattle Visitors

On January 25th, my mom and sister flew into Seattle for the first time. One of the nicest things about having visitors: you get to enjoy your own backyard. Mostly, we have had fun spending time together. We have gone … Continue reading

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