Seattle Visitors

On January 25th, my mom and sister flew into Seattle for the first time. One of the nicest things about having visitors: you get to enjoy your own backyard. Mostly, we have had fun spending time together. We have gone for walks and enjoyed the water, mountain, and city views that make Seattle so beautiful.

Seattle Skyline from Gas Works Park

One day, we made an trip to the Woodland Park Zoo. For all the hundreds of times I have run around Green Lake, I have never visited the nearby Zoo. Corrina draws all sorts of amazing animals, so we decided to go look at a few of these creatures in person.

Woodland Park Zoo Lion and Lioness

Woodland Park Zoo Komodo Dragon

Corrina and mom (pictured below) and I found ourselves putting on more layers as we walked from animal habitat to animal habitat.

Corrina Thurston and Sandy Thurston

Woodland Park Zoo bears

One animal we had never seen the likes of was Ray. Ray is a Malayin tapir, and he had an interesting colored coat.

Woodland Park Zoo Malayin Tapir

One of our favorite animals was an animal who doesn’t like to hold still for photos, the gorgeous jaguar.

Woodland Park Zoo Jaguar

It was a fantastic trip to the Zoo. I’m glad I can finally say I have visited, and I did it with some wonderful companions!

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  1. It was a very nice zoo, even in the dead of winter!!

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